The highlights of Finnish contemporary dance will be seen this December in Pori: Susanna Leinonen Company with their newest work Nasty, Kinetic Orchestra with Rohkeat and Theo Clinkard’s premiere work The Days, performed by Maria Nurmela and Ville Oinonen.


Pori Dance Company will also presents three works of their wood works on this year’s festival: Russell Adamson's premiere work Home, Emrecan Tanış's work An Incident Of Close, and Mikko Lampinen's solo Karkurit.


There will be also workshops and other festivals activities, so stay tuned and follow our news!

Ticket prices:  14 - 23,50 €

Festival passes:  68 - 36 €

(Inc. 1 ticket for each performance)

Sunday 2.12.2018 19.00 - Pori Theate, Main stage
Choreography: Russell Adamson
Dance:: Riikka Tankka, Meri Tankka, Sofianna Salmi, Mikko Lampinen

Costume design: Russell Adamson ja työryhmä

Visual design: Sensus Pool Project / Mikko Lampinen

If home becomes so fragile, that it stops providing the familiar feeling of security anymore - how does it affect our way of encountering the world? How do our relationships with others or the perception of ourselves change when the basic pillars of life are shaken by uncertainty and confusion? How can we survive the breakdown of our own home and what kind of emotions it raises in us.



Choreography & dance: Mikko Lampinen
Lighting design: Anssi Ruotanen

Sound design: Kristian Merilahti

Music: Colin Stetson

Texts: Alan Watts

Visual design: Sensus Pool Project / Mikko Lampinen

”There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.” -Aldous Huxley

What makes an idea or movement overcome another? Or even become The maxim to follow. Through dynamic audiovisual continuum the work travels between abstract and factual environments led by the Art Of Meditation by Alan Watts. 

This is a third joint project of choreographer Mikko Lampinen, sound designer Kristian Merilahti and lighting designer Anssi Ruotanen.

Photo: Juha Saastamoinen

Ticket prices:  14 - 23,50 €

Festival passes:  68 - 36 €

(Inc. 1 ticket for each performance)

Monday 3.12.2018 19.00 - Pori Theate, Main stage
Choreography: Jarkko Mandelin & creative crew

Performers: Iiro Näkki, Anni Koskinen sekä Urho, Oiva & Jarkko Mandelin

Sound design: Ger Van Dijk

Light design: Juuso Joutsio

Costume design: Jenna Mandelin

Production: Mikko Heino, Kinetic Orchestra & Taideosuuskunta Apinatarha

The work opens up to adults and children alike, not forgetting the first and without underestimating the latter. The piece includes singing, racing with miniature cars, and an awful lot of demanding movement and touching moments.

The piece presents – alongside three of the company’s professional dancers – as performers Oiva, age eight, and Urho, age six. The children have practiced dance and hand to hand acrobatics with their father, Jarkko Mandelin – since ages.

Throughout the piece a thematic of bravery is carried out and tested concretely with acrobatic movement material and subtly from the viewpoint of social challenges, intimacy, thrill and performing.

Photo: Heikki Kervinen

Ticket prices:  14 - 23,50 €

Festival passes:  68 - 36 €

(Inc. 1 ticket for each performance)

Nasty 2 kopio.jpg
Sunday 9.12.2018 19.00 - Pori Theate, Main stage
Choreography: Susanna Leinonen
Music: Arvo Pärt
Costume design: Sari Nuttunen
Light design: Harri Peltonen
Dancers: Tiia Huuskonen, Elina Häyrynen, Natasha Lommi, Elisa Tuovila ja Erika Vilander

Nasty is a strikingly topical work that centers on the expectations, limitations and attacks targeted at our bodies. The piece presents an unvarnished vision of our world, where evil hides in the structures of the society but also in ourselves: we pass along the injustice and cruelty we have experienced.

Susanna Leinonen Company’s works are known for their extremely skillful and demanding movement. This time choreographer Susanna Leinonen and her ensemble have chosen to examine our bodily limits , as well as how constantly being looked at and under conflicting demands and expectations shape the female body and experience. In the center of the work are dancers and their bodies as tools of artistic work. In Nasty, the highly trained physique becomes a machine that stretches, bends and creaks to fulfill its full potential. But the question remains: who gets to define that potential?

Leinonen’s choreography doesn’t revel in violence and corporality, but rather spells out the everyday viciousness we direct at ourselves and at others. Harsh words take their place on the surfaces of the space and on the skin of the dancers as an unstoppable stream of information and opinions. Estonian composer Arvo Pärt’s delicate and expressive music contrast and completes this stark vision the world.

Photo: Mirka Kleemola

Monday 10.12.2018 19.00 - Pori Theate, Main stage

Choreography: Emrecan Tanış

Dancers: Riku Lehtopolku, Meri Tankka, Riikka Tankka

Light design :Anssi Ruotanen, Emrecan Tanis

Sound design: Mehmet Tanis

Costume design: Erika Turunen

Costume implementation: Seija Raunio, Erika Turunen

In the most crowded and concentrated cities there already lives over 10 people per square meter and this number is growing every moment. Often we are not able to choose with whom we share the space but we do have an opportunity to influence how to adjust ourselves to these conditions. Is it possible to feel free in these restricted conditions? Does our approach towards others transform as the space gets less and less? Shall we fight for the space or welcome others to our square meter?

The Days.jpg
THE DAYS (Premier)

Choreography: Theo Clinkard
Performers: Ville Oinonen ja Maria Nurmela
Composer & sound designer: James Keane

Light design: Kalle Ropponen

Dramaturgyi: Leah Marojević
Producer: Inari Pesonen

Viimeisen kuuden vuoden aikana Iso-Britanniassa työskentelevä koreografi ja suunnittelija Theo Clinkard on luonut uraa koskettavilla ja visuaalisesti vangitsevilla teoksillaan. Clinkardin omalle ryhmälleen luomien töidensä lisäksi hänen viimeiset tilausteoksensa Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bauschille ja Danza Contemporanea de Cuballe ovat vakiinnuttaneet hänen asemansa raikkaana koreografisena tekijänä samalla tuoden niin kriitikoiden suosiota kuin myös seuraajia. 


Clinkardin on esityksissään ja työskentelyssään jo pitkään keskittynyt runollisen ilmaisun ja arkikielen tasapainoon. Koreografiset rakenteet antavat tilaa niin esiintyjien kuin katsojien aistimuksille. ”The Days” on sekoitus näitä ilmaisukeinoja kahden erityislaatuisen esiintyjän, Ville Oinosen ja Maria Nurmelan tulkitsemana.


Tässä duetossa yksi ainoa tehtävä kantaa koko teoksen läpi luoden jatkuvasti muuntuvan fyysisen, henkisen ja metaforisen maiseman, joka johdattelee kokijan tunnistamaan monisyisiä yhdessäolon muotoja.

Photo: Olivia Hansson

Photo: Mikko Lampinen

Ticket prices:  14 - 23,50 €

Festival passes:  68 - 36 €

(Inc. 1 ticket for each performance)

Basic: 23,50 €
Pensioner: 21,50 €
Students: 18,50 €
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