Of the creative process Saarinen tells about of a desire to investigate the extremes of human’s mental and physical limits - towards a state of being overloaded. In the work the movement does not cease - dancers are about to burst out of their bodies, almost as if lead by an unseen frenzy, unrelentlessly. Dance has no time or place - it is a condition of our unconsiousness.


As distinctive to many of Saarinen’s works, Mikki Kunttu’s light design is an integral part of the whole. The concrete space is blurred as the visual world drowns the spectators into the abstract abysses.

Premiered originally by Tero Saarinen Company in 1997 at Kuopio Tansii ja Soi -festival Overdosed Mood is among the earlier works of Saarinen. Pori Dance Company re-premiered the work in spring 2016.


Choreography                  Tero Saarinen
Dance                                Maria Autio Meri Tankka, Mikko                                                    Lampinen, 
Riku Lehtopolku,                                                          David Scarantino (TSC)
Light design                       Mikki Kunttu
Costume design               Keren Nissim

Rehearsing                        Henrikki Heikkilä (TSC)
Technique                         Anssi Ruotanen, Toni Randell

Costumes                          Raila Rautiainen
Music                                  Barry Adamson, Dirty Harry,                                                        Michael Nyman, 

                                            Bästard, Tindersticks 

In collaboration with Tero Saarinen Company



Anu Sistonen palaa Pori Dance Companyn koreografiksi uudistetulla versiolla Luxemburgissa vuonna 2016 kantaesitetystä teoksesta Mood(s).

Novellikokoelmamaisena rakenteena eri tunnetiloihin ja niiden muutoksiin pureutuva teos pohtii pohtii monisyisten ihmissuhteiden lisäksi yksilön tukeutumista lähellä olevaan yhteisöön. Taidokkaaseen liikkeeseen luottava koreografia on saanut inspiraationsa valokuvaaja Miikka Heinosen töistä.

Pori Dance Company on aiemmin esittänyt Anun ryhmälle koreografioimat teokset Meeting Point (2006) ja Virtaa vastavirtaan (2009).


Koreografia                    Anu Sistonen
Tanssi                              Meri Tankka, Riikka Tankka,

                                         Riku Lehtopolku
Alk. valosuunnittelu        Philippe Lacobme
Valojentoteutus             Anssi Ruotanen

Muusikot:                         Toni Hietala, Harri Lehtinen

                                         (Osuma Ensemble)

Pukusuunnittelu              Mélanie Planchard

Pukujen toteutus            Seija Raunio

Tuotanto                         Pori Dance Company 

Alk. tuotanto                   Les Théâtres de la Ville du                                                         Luxembourg

Kantaesitys                     Theatre d´Esch

Suomen ensi-ilta            15.3.2020



Observations of the Earth by choreographer Mikko Lampinen is a work that takes one to an enigmatic and audio-visually rich journey that sweeps through many issues relating the state of the enviroment and takes prejudices by the neck. As an inspiration to the characters of the work has been the many surreal animations and their absurd world-views.


What would the Earth want to tell us? Our relationship with nature could be described as an endless continuation of events. A chain of happenings where aims often get blurred and forgotten as the emerging forms, ideals and necessities of life make the reality expand in and around us.


Choreography                        Mikko Lampinen
Co-creator and actress        Anastasia Trizna
Dance                                       Anni Koskinen, Meri Tankka,

                                                   Mikko Lampinen, Riku Lehtopolku
Music & sound design            Casualties Of Cool,

                                                   Kristian Merilahti
Visual design                            Sensus Pool Project
Costume Design                      Maria Sirén
Costumes, make-up, set         Maria Sirén, Raila Rautiainen
                                                    Aalto University, Anu Eerola,

                                                    Workroom Hanger 
Light & technique                     Toni Randell



In our times I feel a demand for constant happiness and well-being. One should do mindfulness exercises, breath correctly, do yoga and meditate  - all in all be efficiently well. As the motives come from outside it all feels rather forced. People doing exercises in Chinese parks  feel for me more a command rather than a conscious choice. ARK investigates the ways for us to be in world that is getting quicker and more crowded.



Choreogrpahy             Riku Lehtopolku

Dance                           Maria Autio, Anni Koskinen, Meri                                                 Tankka,  Riku Lehtopolku, Jouni                                                   Majaniemi and 12 laymen

Music                             Eivind Aarset, Sidsel Endresen, 

                                       Arve Henriksen, Bugge Wesseltoft

Costume design          Riku Lehtopolku

Costumes                     Seija Raunio, Kerttu Alenius

Sound design               Eero Auvinen                    




Compassionate story of three friends who share many ideals about the world along with memories going way back - and a history with the same woman. Creators of this work are intrigued by which aspects of understanding of shared memories and realities leads our daily lives. Which leads the way - the tanglible events of life happening right “in front of” our eyes or the movements of our unconsiousness? What do the movements of the dancers reveal or hide of them?

Choreography                Marjo Kuusela

Fight choreograpgy       Oula Kitti

Dance                              Mikko Lampinen, Riku Lehtopolku,

                                          Eero Vesterinen, Kati Aalto

Light design                     Anssi Ruotanen

Costume design             Marjo Kuusela and the crew

Video                                 Sensus Pool Project

Music                                 Peter Kowall, Doina Klezmer,

                                           Barre Phillips,

                                           Barry Guy, Marten Altera



Wanha is an early work by Tero Saarinen, nowadays one of Europe’s most acclaimed dancer- choreographers. Inspired by Samuel Beckett’s play Waiting for Godot, the atmospheric work explores friendship, life and growing old. The original work was danced by Saarinen himself, together with Kenneth Kvarnström – another well-known Finn.


Choreography            Tero Saarinen

Dance                          Riku Lehtopolku, Mikko Lampinen

Music                            Henryk Górecki

Light design                 Mikki Kunttu

Technique                   Toni Randell/Petri Mikkonen


This work is built upon a play between music and movement, where listening and observing one another is at the core. Improvisation and choreographed movement is changing places throughout the work. In this work the dancers are imagined as the  orchestra and the music as the movement. What are the relationships between the players in the "Orchestra"? And how can we find a common rhythm and tempo? 


Choreography                 Carl Knif
Dance                               Kati Aalto, Riikka Tankka,

                                           Riku Lehtopolku, Kalle Lähde,

                                           Vladimir Varnava
Music                                Brad Mehldau, Kevin Hayes,                                                         Jacques Loussier Trio
Costume design             Carl Knif ja työryhmä
Costume realization       Seija Raunio
Sound world design        Carl Knif, Janne Hast
Premiere                           Dance Month 2014 -festival





Rosary is a ritualistic dance for four dancers. The ceremony brought to the stage starts with a remembering and works it's way to achieve an ecstatic state of being. The work has it roots in the aesthetics of Sufism and has gotten some of it's inspiration from Dervish traditions. 

Choreography                     Ima Iduozee

Dance                                   Mikko Lampinen, Anni Koskinen,

                                               Ima Iduozee, Riikka Tankka

Light & sound design          Erno Aaltonen

Costume design                  Ima Iduozee

Costumes                             Seija Raunio

In collaboration with Taideyliopiston Teatterikorkeakoulu




Journey of moments dwells into human beings journey in time, in an unavoidable state of travelling towards the end. 


Not still. Not movin. Not laying down. Not standing up. Not awake nor asleep. Not here or anywhere else.


Choreographer Jorma Uotinen, organ player Pétur Sakari and dancers of Pori Dance Company have together created a multilayered work bounding together symphonic organ music, movement and poetry. 

”Symphony of the spheres.” Turun Sanomat

Choreography & reciting        Jorma Uotinen
Organ                                         Pétur Sakari
Dancerst                                    Meri Tankka, Riikka Tankka,

                                                    Riku Lehtopolku, Antti Keinänen (vier.)
Poems                                        Fernando Pessoa
Composers                                Maurice Duruflé,

                                                    Olivier Messiaen & Louis Vierne




Life Wheel is one the early works of Saarinen. It tells about friendship, waiting and plays with the thought of leaving. Subtle and sensitive work was originally premiered by Pori Dance Company in 1994 at Pori Theatre.

Choreography               Tero Saarinen

Dance                             Kati Aalto, Meri Tankka, Riikka Tankka

Music                               Hamza El Din



In the most crowded and concentrated cities there already lives over 10 people per square meter and this number is growing every moment. Often we are not able to choose with whom we share the space but we do have an opportunity to influence how to adjust ourselves to these conditions. Is it possible to feel free in these restricted conditions? Does our approach towards others transform as the space gets less and less? Shall we fight for the space or welcome others to our square meter?

Choreography Emrecan Tanış

Performers Riku Lehtopolku, Meri Tankka, Riikka Tankka

Light design Anssi Ruotanen, Emrecan Tanis

Sound design & music: Mehmet Tanis

Costume design Erika Turunen
Costume implementation Seija Raunio

Production Pori Dance Company

Premiered at Pori Theatre, Finland on 23.4.2018




SPACE to let go

SPACE that we let fill us 

SPACE in us

SPACE between us

Choreography                  Johanna Nuutinen

Assistant                            Anni Koskinen

Dance                                Riikka Tankka, Meri Tankka

Light design                       Erno Aaltonen                     

Sound design                    Joonas Pehrsson

Costume design              Johanna Nuutinen, Erika Turunen

Costumes                         Raila Rautiainen  




Our previous experiences are interlinked into an endless network of memories that direct our thinking and decision making. Every choice - even seemingly meaningless ones may push our lives into an utterly unpredictable future. Our memories transform and distort as time passes and we during this journey we might get imprisoned by them. Inspiration to this work had its beginnings while the choreographer visited Lapland, Finland where he encountered untouched snow in the vast forest. When there was no path it felt impossible to take any steps - how to find ones own way in a situation where all the possibilities are in front of oneself?

Choreograhy                Hyauk Jin Geon

Performers                    Kyeong Hyeon Kim, Hyauk Jin Geon, 

                                        Anastasia Trizna, Mikko Lampinen, 

                                        Riku Lehtopolku

Visual design                 Seung Jae Jung &

                                        Ground Zero Project

Sound design                Seung Jae Jung

Costume design           Hyauk Jin Geon

Costumes                       Raila Rautiainen

Production                      Pori Dance Company &

                                         Ground Zero Project